ASL- American Sign Language!!!

Friends!!! I am so thrilled to announce our newest line- the ASL collection!!! This is near and dear to my heart because my son is nonverbal and we use ASL to communicate with Aiden. We started when he was 3 months old knowing he was going to have learning delays but we didn't know that at six years old he still wouldn't have said his first word or even babbled at this point. This line comes from such a place of love and understanding of the importance of the ASL language! 

I can stamp any metal, size, and names or wording of your choice on each piece! A special saying that is dear to your heart or your child's name in ASL- how cool for them to have something customized for them! 

I love that this language holds such a different meaning for each person and how it's helped you. Whether it's you or your childs only form of communication or helped bridge the gap, most of us have used ASL at some point to help with communication barriers! Shop our ASL collection or leave me a note on any design on the site and let me know you want it in ASL!