Hay! Hey! What's a MockParty?!

One of my favorite things about being a small business owner for the past decade is sharing my tips and tricks with other babes! I've learned alot, failed alot, and found what works best! I share my knowledge whenever possible and my best advice is always branding. Your brand is just as important as your service or product! But I didn't always know this and I still hide my face in my hands sometimes when I see things I did in the past...as my teen would say #SMH. 

I was recently invited to be a part of a MockParty by Borrowed Events in Milford Ohio and let me tell you, these ladies are genius! What is a MockParty you ask? It's basically getting a room full of amazing boss babes together and making magic happen! 

Andrea from Borrowed Time Events and Mandy from ManMan Studios organize this event and you guys, they blew me away! They bring together local businesses and blogger/models to collaborate and take amazing photos! If you are a business THIS.IS.FOR.YOU! 

Branding is so important so having professional photos is crucial for your small business. Photo shoots can become really pricey and you might only get a handful of photos to use. With this MockParty they are bringing together other local businesses goodies so you get alot of different shots and content! Bonus- because you are working alongside other brands the cost is much lower than paying for a photo shoot yourself and you get TONS of photos! This is only a sneak peek, ManMan Studios and Jill Cleary took SO many photos! 

Another great thing about the MockParty is all of these ladies come together to support and share each others talents! Spreading the love of other small businesses is so important these days. I could go on and on about this amazing event but you should go check it out for yourself! It was such a fun day working with professionals and having them stage your products and watch the models do their thing! 

Go give these lovely ladies a follow! I will be sharing more photos on my social media in the coming weeks! 

Coordination: @borrowedtimeevents
Photography: @manmanstudios + @jillcleary
Venue: @borrowedtimemarket
Clothing: @leetaruthboutique
Ceramics: @linneacampbellceramics
Florals: @roseandjanefloral
Home decor: @blumeshop.home
Kitchen + Textiles: @freshhomekitchen
Jewelry: @mountainfeatherdesigns
Hair stylist: @funkyfringe_
Models: @bestiedressed + @chloxe