Team Iron Aiden Fundraiser {just breathe}

So as most of you all know by now I have a child with special needs. Aiden has a multitude of health problems but his most serious is his heart defect. Below is Aiden recovering from his third open heart surgery.

Shortly after Aidens birth we had a desire to give back to the hospital that helped save his life -Nationwide Childrens Hosptial. We offer support and gifts to the families at NCH and have a fundraiser going on right now!!! Our Aiden is weaning off his ventilator after FIVE years so we are celebrating by raising money to purchase gifts for the families on the heart floor!!! 

I'm ready to say bye to my tubes!

I've created the just breathe collection in honor of Aiden learning how to breathe again after FIVE years of being ventilator dependent but these words hold a strong meaning to many people! 40% of each sale from this collection will go towards purchasing gifts for the families on the heart floor at Nationwide Children's Hospital! The fundraiser ends September 8th-these make a great gift too so shop early for Christmas AND help us give back!!! 

You can shop this collection by going to the collections tab and finding the Iron Aiden fundraiser!!! It can be so lonely and devastating to be a heart parent watching your child go through so much with their broken heart but it's our desire to help brighten their day just a little bit by letting them know they are not alone! If you have a heart warrior of your own you can email me their picture to to be featured on my next blog post!