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Finger/Thumbprint Bangle

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This beautiful bangle is made to order with your loved ones actual finger or thumbprint engraved on a disc. This listing is for ONE disc. To purchase additional discs see this link: 

*Finger or thumbprint is engraved onto a 3/4 inch disc of your choice- sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, or stainless steel. ***IF you want name, date, or info on the BACK of the disc please purchase the "engrave on back" listing, there is an additional fee for this option! 

A scanned copy of the fingerprint works best but I can also work with a photo of the finger/thumbprint if photographed in good lighting. Please keep in mind that the quality of the print sent to me will determine how well it transfers to the jewelry. You can send the file or image via email to including your loved ones prints, order number, and your name. 

The easiest way to take a fingerprint or thumbprint is use a black non-toxic ink pad and lightly cover the finger pad. Use a white sheet of paper with a hard book or other like surface behind it and roll finger onto paper. You may want to take a few sets of prints so I can choose which one will transfer best. I can also use an existing print of your loved one. Your prints will be sized and edited in a way that fits best on the disc-I ONLY USE A PORTION OF THE FINGERPRINT-usually the middle part of the print. Turn around time is 1 to 2 weeks on these precious designs, lots of love and care goes into each one.

Important: I do not use the entire fingerprint, I will use a section of the print which is usually the middle part where the most detail is. Quality of theses prints are very important. If they are too light they will be hard to see when I transfer to the disc and if they are too dark or smudged it will look more like a blob because the lines run together. It is very important you capture the lines and detail of the print the best you possibly can for it to transfer the best (I completely understand that sometimes you only have a print from the past and I will do my best to work with what you have just please understand it may be distorted or need a lot of editing if the lines aren't clear on the print you send us). I am always happy to take a look at your print and give you my thoughts before you purchase! *If your item requires extensive editing or you are adding on extra stamping or engraving not listed above then additional costs may occur. 

Our adjustable wire bracelets are made from solid stainless steel-it will not rust or tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Bangles are expandable so it will accommodate most wrists sizes, it is 60mm and fits 7-8".  Bangles can be put on either by sliding over your hand or you can gently expand the bracelet, slide it over your hand, and slide back to original shape. *If you expand and slide back often your bracelet could lose it's shape over time.