Handwriting Cuff

Handwriting Cuff

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This beautiful cuff is made to order with your loved ones actual handwriting engraved on the metal cuff. This listing is for ONE cuff.

*Handwriting is engraved onto a 1/4" wide cuff of your choice- aluminum, copper, or nugold. For this size of cuff it's best to use 3-4 words (or less) of your loved one, the more words used the smaller we have to size the writing down making it harder to read. ***please note these cuffs are only 1/4" wide so I can only make the writing so tall and if letters are different heights then the smaller letters will be really small. 

I can use either a scanned copy from sheet of paper, a note, letter, card, or you can take a photo of it. A scanned copy of the handwriting works best but I can also work with a photo of the handwriting if photographed in good lighting. Please keep in mind that the quality of the handwriting sent to me will determine how well it imprints onto the disc. (If it is on lined paper or very light it may have to be edited so that it transfers better to the disc). You can send the file or image email to mountainfeatherdesigns@gmail.com including your loved ones handwriting, order number, and your name.

If you are able to get the loved ones handwriting it is best to have them write on a plain white sheet of paper with black marker. 

The handwriting will be sized and edited in a way that fits best on the cuff. Turn around time is 1 to 2 weeks on these precious designs, lots of love and care goes into each one.

***Our cuff bracelets measure 6" long and 1/4" wide. They have a gap to slide on and off your wrist. The cuff is flexible so that it can be opened wider or squeezed smaller if needed! Please note that with all cuff bracelets if you expand or squeeze to make bigger or smaller your cuff will start to misshape.