Everlasting Jewelry

Now offering Everlasting Jewelry! Want the beauty of high quality and trendy jewelry but don't want to fuss with a clasp and jewelry that doesn't fit well? With our Everlasting Jewelry we custom fit it to your size and attach it with a small jump ring so you don't have to worry about a clasp anymore! But don't worry, if you ever want to take it off you just need a set of pliers (just hold onto your jump ring) and you can put it back on again when you are ready! The jump rings we use are very strong and high quality so no welding or "zapping" is necessary! 

We offer a few ways you can get your hands on our Everlasting Jewelry! Come to one of the events or pop ups we will be at, book an appointment with us, book a party with some friends and we come to you, or we can send you the chain and ring for you to attach at home (a video will be sent on how you do this)! *If you would like to book an appointment or party with us you can send an email to mountainfeatherdesigns@gmail.com 

Everlasting jewelry is a fun way to match your besties, your spouse, or mother and daughter bracelets! And perfect for bridal parties! 

Pricing ranges from $40-$70 for bracelets. Anklets are an additional $10 and necklaces are an additional $20. If you would like to order online you can choose from any of our bracelet and anklet listings and just leave a note you want it clasp-less! Measure the same way you would for any of our jewelry and we send you the chain and ring to attach yourself-you just need pliers and a second set of hands to get your Everlasting Jewelry on! 

We offer 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, and sterling silver chains. These metals are a high quality yet affordable option that won't rust or peel-no plated chains here! Gold filled and Rose gold filled chain will not tarnish but they can get dirty since you will be wearing them 24/7 so you must clean them to keep them looking nice. If you've been working out or playing in the dirt then you may notice discoloration on your skin but as soon as you wash your skin and jewelry it comes right off! Gold filled and rose gold filled jewelry is safe for MOST people but on rare occasion it can react to certain body chemistries. Sterling silver naturally tarnishes so you might need to clean and polish it a little more often than gold filled jewelry. To clean your Everlasting Jewelry you can wash your piece with mild soap and water and pat dry with a soft cloth. For sterling silver you can polish any oxidation with a polishing cloth. 

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