Our Heart Warrior

Our Heart Warrior

Today is one of those drop to your knees to praise Jesus so deeply your body shakes. I sob as a type this because I'm so grateful for all of the blessings we've been given that I can hardly believe it sometimes. 

We recently celebrated 10 years in business but did you know that only seven of those years has been spent making jewelry? For the first three and a half years as a business owner I owned a baby boutique selling organic baby items and cloth diapers. I sold major brands like bum genius, thirsties, and grovia. I had built a six figure business and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into what I was passionate about. My business name was Sweet Peas Cloth and I loved what I did and to be honest I loved being known as one of the top shops in the US to buy your crunchy baby items from. But on February 20, 2013 all of that changed.

  One of the first orders I shipped out for my cloth diaper business.

Our Aiden was a heart warrior and up until that point we would purchase jewelry from other makers to gift to mamas on the heart floor but that was becoming really expensive. During his recovery from his second open heart surgery in February 2013 my husband came up with the bright idea I should start making jewelry myself so I could gift them to more moms and also be able to give gift cards with them. I laughed at him at first because I thought how ridiculous of an idea it was, I didnt have the time or the slightest clue how to make personalized jewelry. But with open heart surgery recovery you have alot of time on your hands while your child mostly sleeps for days after so we started researching while he slept.

It was one of the hardest times in our life but we needed something to distract us so I entertained his idea and we ordered some starter supplies to get started. As soon as Aiden was home from the hospital I started playing with my new "hobby" and I fell in love. It was a good distraction from everything going on in my life and we could gift this beautiful jewelry to families at the hospital. Fast forward six months and God had blessed my jewelry business so much that I was able to close my baby boutique and pursue my new career! All because of a little boy and his broken heart. We had feared that Aiden may not even survive the surgery and God went and gave us that blessing plus a surprise bonus! 


Today I sob and rejoice for allowing us 7 more years with our Aiden boy and turning the above into something so beautiful! 

Seven years later we continue to be inspired by Aiden and his journey and created an entire collection called the Heart Collection to donate beautiful pieces to the hospital and offer affordable jewelry to our customers. Turning the heartbreak into beauty! 

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