Welcome sweet friends!!

Welcome sweet friends!!

Oh my goodness!!! I am so thrilled to welcome you all to Mountain Feather Designs! I am formerly Sweet Peas Stamping for the past four years but life changes have inspired me to go in a new direction! 

Four years ago I felt led to start creating hand stamped jewelry for my fellow special needs mamas. My son was chronically ill and always in the hospital and I wanted a way to brighten some of the days of other mama's in the hospitalm so I closed up shop on my baby boutique (Sweet Peas Cloth) and jumped in with both feet to handstamping jewelry. 

I fell in love! I was so happy to let my creative side go crazy and loved meeting so many new people and their stories through creating jewelry for them. Over the past couple of years my son's health has continued to decline and it really makes you think about life. I try to make everything in my life meaningful and full of passion and my previous business name just didn't reflect the intense pride I have in my jewelry.So for two years I have been slowly taking steps and making preparations to change my business name and completely rebrand! I was still dragging my feet and nervous to make such a big change after four years of being Sweet Peas Stamping.

Fast forward to our most recent trip traveling across the country and it hit me, if not now, then when? We were on my son's bucket list trip-insert hysterical tears here because no one should have a bucket list for their six year old but that's what life has thrown me friends. I was overcome with the urge that I needed to rebrand...like now! My name is inspired by the journey we are on. Mountain for our families love of the mountains-my husband and I have been hiking the mountains of West Virginia since before our babes were born and where I learned to be brave and hike with a child on life support. We took that love to the Smoky mountains to explore with our family and most recently out west to hike in Glacier National Park!!! Our greatest family memories are made in the mountains. The feather comes from my life verse "He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge" Psalm 91:4 I find refuge in Him often as we raise a terminally ill child and I spend my days scared to death of when he will take his last breaths. But in Him I find comfort and my jewelry reflects that. 

So there you have it-the story behind our name and my crazy, beautiful life! I had been working on this website for about the past year and could never seem to get it launched-it was God just waiting for that perfect time though! To launch a brand I am so very proud of, that helps support my little family on this journey to find happiness through the heartbreak, and to bring exciting new things to my customers I have come to love so much! 

I am so excited you are on this journey with me and hope you love all of the new designs! Life is an adventure my lovely people and don't forget to follow your dreams!!! 



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